The institute is equipped with a robust 100 Mbps (1:1) leased line internet connection, establishing a local network that seamlessly integrates with Wi-Fi technology and connects to the central server. This comprehensive infrastructure is readily accessible to students, facilitating their project work and the preparation of seminar presentations. Furthermore, students benefit from a wealth of resources available via the college’s Local Area Network, including e-books, study materials, previous question papers, and daily circulars. The well-equipped internet lab enhances the internet experience, offering high-speed connectivity that enables students to collectively explore the vast expanse of information available online without limitations.

The institute is committed to ensuring a secure and conducive environment for academic pursuits. CCTV cameras are strategically placed in classrooms and other general areas, enabling the college authorities to monitor academic activities and maintain effective administrative control. A significant milestone in the institution’s history is the implementation of Wi-Fi facilities throughout the campus. This initiative marks a transition towards a paperless administration and operational model. The integration of Wi-Fi allows the college to offer both internet and intranet access to all students and staff, aligning with international standards for instructional purposes. This advancement reflects the college’s dedication to providing a technologically enriched and globally competitive educational experience.